Fast rising music artist - Kwaku smoke has come forth to make claims of the SM front man - Shatta Wale trying to steal his song by making a video on twitter angrily explaining what actually led to this incidence 

He says " Shatta wale made a post on twitter saying that he loves my vibes and he would love to sign me in this Shatta Movement music group (SM) so we met in his house, went to his studio and played few songs of ours and then he asked me to jump on his new song which he is currently working on, I jumped on his tune very nicely and I also sent mine to him. But later I realized him trying to change the hook and few verses in my song and trying to make it his own as well".

The Hip - Hop artist was very angry when making his post on twitter and said he doesn't care what people will say about him trying to disrespect a highly rated artist like Shatta Wale 

He went on to say that "It is only God that knows why the contract between him and the Shatta Movement kept so long and if he should have signed it, only God knows what would have happened to him and his carrier" 

The young and fast rising Hip-Hop artiste - Kwaku Smoke advised the "Big stars" to stop cheating and using young artist to gain fame and make money for them self's but rather if Shatta Wale know he is not going to jump on his song he should just back off from it and not try to make a copy right of his song for fans to say He Kwaku Smoke has been stealing lyrics and vibes from Shatta Wale 

What does Shatta Wale have to say about this claims