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The nexus between arts, morality, ethics and law has been confused subject among showbiz people and the society.
Art is best shared and appreciated when it is not hobbled with any strings. Creativity they say thrives in freedom, but the freedom is associated with the society.
Morality is a subject that relates to society and since every art work is done within a particular area that has people with equal beliefs, ideology, norms, etc. We examine this topic in the context of the Ghanaian society, in Ghana, it is immoral for people to go naked or show sensual parts of their bodies to the general public. Indecent exposure is largely determined by ‘’the general public’’ and not one’s artistic licence.
For example, artists like Mzbel, the Late Ebony, Shatta wale, Tiffany, Afia Schwarzenegger, Pamela Watara,  Wanluv Kubolor, Mensa, Lord Paper & Nana Yaa, Moesha Boudong among others, have been seriously castigated by the public for going naked or showing sensual parts of their bodies in their videos and photos.
Nowadays it seems the only option of ‘’Female’’ artist to gain attention from the media and the public is through nudity which is either going naked on camera or showing  sensual parts of one’s body.

Here are some circulating pictures of Ghana’s songstress, Adepa, which she can be seen naked and showing sensual parts of her body.

The question here is ''Is this the way to lunch our female artist?''